Thanks for checking us out! Heres some info:

founder of ZUU studio, artist Meg Roberts   (photo credit: Scott Elmquist)

ZUU studio is:

  • MADE IN THE USA (Richmond Va, to be exact.)

  • a small, woman-owned business
  • a place where materials are chosen for their durability and integrity. You can be sure that you're getting a product that has been thoroughly and thoughtfully designed. 
  • founded by Meg Roberts in 2010

MEG roberts is:

  • a studio artist formally trained in all things metal and jewelry (and lots of wood and fiber techniques too) from the great Virginia Commonwealth University (BFA, 2009)
  • obsessed with the question: "If you could be any animal, what would you be?" I cannot decide between a parrot or a camel. 
  • a lover of the American Museum of Natural History and its glorious dioramas.
  • featured here in the Style Weekly Magazine!

I see a whale as calm and wise. A bison as adventurous and independent. A sloth as well, slothy but happy! I find all of these traits to be important and at one time I wanted a slew of animal tattoos to serve as a daily reminder of these qualities. 

As it turns out, I'm a big chicken.  

I couldn't bring myself to actually get a tattoo so I used my metalsmithing skills, made animal drawings out of metal and turned them into necklaces. This worked out quite nicely!  I could put on whichever animal I needed to embody AND it would not freak out my grandma. Thus, the idea for ZUU Studio was born: Tattoos for people with commitment issues! I made illustrations of my favorite animals from all over the world, digitized them, and with the help of a small family owned metal fabrication shop, started my production line.  Now, our tattoo inspired necklaces can be found on people from all over the planet!