Q: How do I take care of my jewelry?

A: If you're the kind of person who likes to keep their jewelry on at all times, in the shower, at the gym, and at the beach, I recommend getting the stainless steel version of our steel animal drawing necklaces. (Virtually no care necessary)

Our blackened steel animals require a little more care. The steel has been patinated (to make them a gorgeous graphite color) and then sealed with a special coating used on outdoor sculptures!  Then, just to be extra cautious, the piece is then rubbed with a thin protective layer of wax. (Don't worry, the wax is not sticky. It hardens and is imperceptable.) It is best to avoid scratching the metal and avoid exposing the piece to excessive moisture. Remove before showering or swimming. This should keep your jewelry looking great for years to come!

Q: How are the steel animals made?

A: All of these animals started out as drawings in my sketchbook.  To translate them into metal, I make a computerized drawing and send that drawing to a small family owned business in Indiana that photochemically etches the drawings in steel. I then patina the steel, give it a strong protective coating and attach it to a sterling silver chain. 

Q: You don't have my favorite animal! Do you do custom orders?

A: Contact us!  We may be able to work things out.  Please keep in mind that custom orders take a little more time and a little more money than the pieces currently for sale in our shop.  We're also always open to hearing what animals YOU think we should make!

Q: I'm getting married and I want all my bridesmaids to have a necklace!  Is there a price break?

A: First, congratulations! (on your wedding AND your excellent taste.) We can absolutely give you a price break based on the number of items you order.  Give us a shout and we will help you out.