SO SO PERFECT!! I couldn’t be happier with this necklace, it’s light and just beautiful.
The craftsmanship on this piece is so awesome. Came beautifully wrapped and ready to give to my best friend for her birthday! Highly recommend working with her!
It was the talk of a table full of zookeepers, and the craftsmanship is fantastic. Amazing customer service as well. I couldn’t believe how quickly it arrived, adorably gift-wrapped to boot!
Beautiful necklace, get loads of appreciation for it every time I’ve wear it. Thanks!
Absolutely beautiful. Almost as beautiful as the memories I have of my Whale watching experience in Victoria, BC. Reminds me a great deal of my trip, which is exactly the type of Whale I watched in the great seas of Victoria, BC.
I couldn’t be more pleased. A lovely transaction and exactly what I wanted and the compliments roll in already!!